Monday, 27 June 2016

Public Service Announcement

Thonk have begun stocking enclosed 1/4" jacks so I thought I'd order a few to compare...

On the left is the PJ612A from Thonk, the middle is TruConnect (from Rapid and/or possibly Musikding) and on the right is the good old genuine Switchcraft 112A.

I'm not really a fan of Switchcraft clones, but the PJ612A has a couple of interesting features. Firstly they don't skimp on the washer - it's pretty much the same size as on the 112A, however the nut is eversoslightly thinner than the Switchcraft and TruConnect. Second, there's a really useful panel grip built into the chassis.

The clones are generally around a third of the price of Switchcraft 112A, that said, the Switchcraft ARE much better quality...

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