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UN051 - Betty Fnord | Starzero
Released February 2011
Four tracks of experimental on hold music for call handling fun

UN050 - Untitled | Untitled
Released January 2011
Our fiftieth release on Un! Recordings. Four anonymous tracks of glitched up steam driven electronics. An adventure in metadata by Georgian time travellers and a stroppy cat.

UN049 - Dr Universalis | Return To Atlantis
Released April 2011
Further electromagnetic adventures as our heroes return to the lost continent

UN046 - Industrial Japan | 25-2
Released December 2010
Second single from Industrial Japan exploring their roots with a little gentle mid tempo EBM

UN045 - The Stepford Rejects | Model K
Released January 2011
Back in the kitchen with a fresh pot of coffee and home made biscotti. Three tracks of Sheffield roast electronica with a delicately foamed white noise topping

UN043 - Bat & Bug | Another Component
Released June 2010
Debut single from Bat & Bug. Three tracks of electro-acoustic experimentation and hetrodyne adventures with Dadaist tendencies

UN041 - Industrial Japan | W38
Released January 2010
Our debut single from the assembly lines of Industrial Japan limbering up with their very own rajio taiso routine for the call centres of Sheffield and beyond

UN040 - Folk Music For Robots (Volume One)
Released March 2009
A twenty three track monster compilation of instrumental moods and themes from the Un! archives, featuring The Stepford Rejects, Stars On 23, Beat Constructions and of course PsychoAcoustic SoundClash

UN039 - Tiki Robots | Tiki Robots EP
Released February 2010
A four track EP of hypnotic surburban rituals and tiki robotics. An electronic cargo cult via Amazon and eBay recycled from grumpy drum machines and a second hand computer

UN038 - The Icons Of Noise | 1986 To 1989
Released August 2008 Back in the mists of time: Once mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Vomito Negro & Suicide Commando and bothering student radio stations across Europe. We decided it was about time this saw the light of day again

UN037 - Stars On 23 | Jury Gagarin In Space
Released November 2008
Taken from the forthcoming album and saluting the great Jury (Yuri) Gagarin. Bontempi style dub beats with erratic Soviet technology

UN036 - Vulture Squadron | Decode Section
Released August 2009
Eleven years in the making, and we found the DATs again. Intelligent techno from less than intelligent beings.

UN034 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | One Of Our Tracks Is Missing
Released October 2007
The planning of Volume Zero involved a grand archiving of heaps of master tapes. One Of Our Tracks Is Missing is a collection of lost Fripp-Hop classics, early versions and the plain bizarre...

UN033 - Dr Universalis | New Atlantis (A Soundtrack)
Released October 2007
Based on the book published in 1627, New Atlantis is a claustrophobic journey from Sheffield to a secret island in the middle of nowhere.

UN032 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Zero EP
Released November 2007
The Zero EP was mastered digitally using a small jar of Henderson’s Relish containing two copper vanes to transmit the signal via the world’s most appetizing condiment

UN031 - Con Edison | Autobiography Of A Schizophrenic Girl
Released July 2007
Times Square, New York in the Summer of 1990. Picking up he twilight path followed by the debut Con Edison release. Mantra like instructions and brain folding ambience

UN030 - The Stepford Rejects | Angry Young Computer
Released March 2007
A home cooked treat that evokes images of computer operators clad in tweed. Outside, jet cars whistle past and in the distance industrial robots waltz under geodesic domes

UN029 - Various Artists | Carbon vs Silicon (Volume Two)
Released August 2009
Another ten tracks by various Un! family, friends and their pets. Featuring all the usual suspects, plus Generator, Gerald Fnord, Hammers & Mice, Vulture Squadron and Tiki Robots

UN028 - Stars On 23 | Dubclock
Released March 2008
Taken from the debut Stars On 23 album and featuring the popular radio version of Dubclock

UN026 - Dr Universalis | This Is Fu Manchu EP
Released July 2009
Another slice of uptempo electronics as the good doctor herds an errant collection of drum machines into compliance

UN024 - Con Edison | The Occult Technology Of Power
Released March 2007
Straight from the pages of the Amok Fourth Dispatch. A shortwave voyeuristic journey through the twilight world of 20th Century paranoia

UN023 - Various Artists | Carbon vs Silicon
Released November 2005
A ten track budget sampler of Un! artists, including exclusive tracks from The Stepford Rejects and new remixes from SLBC and Stars On 23

UN022 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Volume Zero
Released November 2007
The fourth and final instalment in the PsychoAcoustic SoundClash trilogy. Compiled over a two year period and featuring new tracks in addition to the remixes and new versions

UN021 - Dr Universalis | At Home With A Small Nuclear Orchestra
Released June 2005
Dark industrial panic inspired by the fact that since most of the British nuclear deterrent was based on our doorstep, Sheffield was doomed from the start...

UN019 - Dr Universalis | The Phobos EP
Released January 2005
Four tracks of uptempo electronica utilising the electrical properties of potatoes, lemons & onions (and a couple of drum machines...)

UN017 - Dr Universalis | Music For Chip Shops
Released February 2005
Paradoxically this was our very first download only release, and the last one to make it online... ...Features solar powered synths, and other optical transducers for a dark Sunday afternoon

UN015 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Volume Three
Released February 2005
Recorded over a four year period, Volume Three salutes heroes and villains along the way with a heady mix of beats, dubs and the usual electronic jiggery pokery

UN014 - Dr Universalis | Obtuse Strategies
Released March 2003
Seventy minutes of electronic jiggery pokery and government surplus shinanigans featuring lyrics from the back of chocolate boxes, wok solos, synthesisers controlled by solar panels & recordings of helicopters...

UN011 - Stars On 23 | Stars On 23
Released November 2005
Dub mayhem and ambient trickery based on a true story. This mini album started life as an improvised experimental set supporting The Chillage People at Sheffield's National Centre For Popular Music

UN009 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Volume Two
Released December 2000
This album took days to record, weeks to edit, and finally months to master. The original version of the classic 'That's My Theremin' is over 40 minutes long

UN008 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Autumn/Winter Collection
Released March 1999
Recorded throughout 1998, this album also features tracks from the infamous 'no midi' gig - resulting in an early Cabaret Voltaire sound...

UN007 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Magnetic North
Released July 1998
I think it's around this time that our obsession with the South Yorkshire police helicopter started (it did keep hovering over our studio...)

UN006 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | No One Here But Us Robots
Released January 1998
Recorded in the Autumn of 1997, dedicated to the memory of AH Supplies, and inspired by New Atlantis by Francis Bacon (first published 1627)

UN004 - PsychoAcoustic SoundClash | Volume One
Released November 1994
Remastered in 2004, this is a version of the album that was eventually licensed to Staalplaat imprint Korm Plastics and released in 1996. The original cassette was released in 1994

UN003 - SLBC Incarnate | Evil Idyll
Released March 2005
Remastered for digital release in 2005. This album also features additional tracks not featured on the original cassette

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