Thursday 13 April 2017

VC Oh..!

I was just waiting on my Half Wave Rectifier panel drying and thought I'd try out a CD40106 VCO design using (since it's simple enough) the old croc clips and gravity prototyping method. I'm going to have to build yet another case now.

And so it begins again...

Monday 10 April 2017


Here's another thing I've had hanging around unfinished for far too many years, the Highly Liquid MD24 - a MIDI to gate converter. I finally wired this up last week and used a 3mm plywood offcut for the panel. The case has also been hanging around for a while, it's an ex BBC desktop case probably used to house a reverb remote - more recently it housed my Bat Detector...

Saturday 8 April 2017

Want Some Candy ?

I checked my trailcam for the first time in ages and found the cat had managed to trigger it just as the light was fading enough for infra-red mode