Sunday 26 July 2009

Wax Trax..?

Much sanding, hoovering, hole drilling, sanding, hoovering, more sanding, more hoovering and it was finished. And then the looms needed to be laid and the patchbay re-wired. And then the patchbay mistakes needed to be corrected and more hoovering needed to be done. Then a drum machine was plugged in...

...and the Tiki Robots were born (or the Tiki Robots landed, or whatever)

Might lay off the puns for a while

Sunday 19 July 2009

A New Twist Inside The Planchest...

...Only a Hula fan would ever recognise that. Nearly there. A Sunday afternoon spent applying beeswax polish, and the grand threading of cable looms began (again). Meanwhile i've been putting some traps together using old bits of shelving and acoustic foam. There's no plan as such, just need to break up the reflections from a large flat, bare wall using the tried and tested Gonzo method of acoustic treatment. Meanwhile, it turns out that my holesaws are useless past 15mm depth... ...nurse, this patient needs eBay stat..!

Saturday 18 July 2009

Clock PVA

It's at times like this you remember your schooling when you're chiseling a groove into a piece of wood, and wondering when a) you'll split the wood, or b) you'll slit open your fingers. And for me, here's the satori moment: it helps if the chisel you're using is actually sharp, really sharp. Meanwhile, when looking for a good curve for your Art Deco worktops, what would you use - a rubber slipmat from a long dead record player maybe ? With a radius of 145mm it seemed a like a good omen

Friday 17 July 2009

Oh Lordy...

After a year here, the studio is finally getting a refit. Fortunately this has coincided with a little preoccupation with Art Deco, so we might end up with something a little stylish with the minimum amount of bruising and/or blood loss.