Sunday 29 November 2015

C30 C60 C90 Go..!

Once every few years I look at my dwindling collection of cassettes and undertake to transfer at least some of them into the digital realm. I ended up buying a nice Aiwa deck on eBay last year as my Tascam died and I now have most of my session tapes and gigs backed up across two mirrored drives. All that remains are the ones enticingly labelled  'radio noises' - this one must date from around 1986

Saturday 21 November 2015


After the grand sorting of power supplies, I had a few modules on soak test today, all day, with drums. Which was nice considering it was freezing outside

Thursday 19 November 2015


...A little box for measuring current draw. In my recent sort out I ended up with a tangle of test leads and a selection of miscellaneous items to stop them accidentally shorting out. Enter the lego box. Connect a power supply at one end, a module at the other end, and a multimeter between the two. It's also got a handy switch to open one rail for testing while closing the other

Saturday 7 November 2015

It's Oh So Quiet

It's been a little quiet of late. It's VEMIA weekend and the studio is awash with neatly laid out and tested lots their manuals and accessories, all waiting for shipping. Eccles has been in her element inspecting boxes, her current favourite being from Farnell. With the addition of Cabinet Eleven I decided to have a major re-organistaion of modules along with a concerted effort to measure current draw on everything I have no data for, which has taken quite a few days. Cabinet Twelve is marching inexorably in this direction...