Saturday, 28 May 2016

Public Service Announcement - PCB Backets

Some UK DIYers may remember that Maplin used to stock really useful little right angled PCB brackets, then they just disappeared (not helped by the appalling thing that is the Maplin website).

Anyway after a half arsed search lasting several months, I found replacements via RS so here's the obligatory comparison photo

Far left are the original Maplin brackets, then the RS ones:

15mm (code 427-991)
25mm (code 427-997)
50mm (code 428-001)
70mm (code 428-007)

Full dimensional drawings on the product pages at RS



  1. Good useful link. I don't need them at the 'mo, I probably have some cheap and cheerful Chinese things hidden away somewhere. Lucky, really. Look how the price rises on their Italian site:|fp&cm_sp=featureproducts-_-FeaturedProductsContent-_-0427997 horror...

  2. or maybe it's just badly translated and that really is the ten pack price instead of per unit as it says...

  3. Yep, they come in packs of ten. Very easy to drill as well