Friday, 1 January 2016


HNY and all that...

Just when I thought maybe I'd reached 'peak module' - a 5U version of the RF Nomad pops up, a nice chap over in Manchester designs a CR78 clone, and I've a real urge to build a couple more of Ken Stone's excellent boards. I'm putting Bridechamber panels on a few modules, I've four Calrec mic amps to finally wire & case up properly - and that's without even starting on the old videolab equipment.

Meanwhile 2016 sees the apparent anniversary of the Dadaist movement. Usually pegged around the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire on 5th February 1916, some have claimed that it began in New York in 1915 when Marcel Duchamp moved there, or a more likely theory, that the movement originated in Romania via Tristan Tzara and friends as far back as 1912. Either way, I celebrated the centenary back in 1987

To celebrate in 2016 would be...   ...well...   ...far too obvious...

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