Lab Gear

For a long time I couldn't afford synthesisers, so I settled for old lab gear. I guess it's the Sheffield way. There's a certain joy in experimenting with these things, the thrill of coaxing sounds out of a box that spent its previous life hooked up to a Vulcan Bomber...   ...and of course they're eminently modular. And quite a lot of them work right up into the video range, which is nice

Selected Equipment List:
Marconi TF1370A R-C Oscillators (pair)
Gould Advance PG52B Modular Pulse Generator (pair)
Digitimer Neurolog NL900 Rack
EG&G PARC Model 175 Universal Programmer
EG&G Model 193 Multiplier/Divider
Brookdeal Type 401a Lock-In Amplifier
Brookdeal Type 421 Phase Shifter
Brookdeal Type 467 Coherent Filter
MoD CT439 Signal Generator
Audio Ltd EEG Monitor M
Lyons Electronics WR316 Word Generator
Wavetek Model 132 VCG/Noise Generator
Disa Type 55D80 Low Velocity Anemometer

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